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My name is Laurin and hail originally from the Central Coast in California. I have been living in the Boston area for six years. I am currently shifting my life and career in what I call an epic mid-thirty-life crisis. My heart has always been in wine culture but my practical side told me that I needed to work the corporate grind so, I pushed it to the side and did what I thought was right. Eventually, that burning sensation I felt wasn’t the wine’s alcohol and acid, it was my need for more needing to come to the surface once again. So, here I am. Twisting and turning and reassessing my life’s goals. This site is run on the hope that we can come together as a community of wine lovers to learn, appreciate wine culture, and see how we can make a difference in this delicate, sometimes harsh, climate we are currently living in. In the meantime, sip back and relax because more content is coming soon. Cheers!

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